1099 Torment? Let Triune Lighten the Load

January 31st has come and gone. If you’re like most small businesses, you and your staff were working diligently to get those 1099s to the government before the stroke of midnight.

“It can be a lengthy process going through the vendor list, identifying who needs a W9 pulled, collecting that information, then completing a 1099 for each vendor,” affirms Corey Swiftney, Lead Guide at Triune Financial. The good news for Triune’s clients is that onerous task can be taken off their to-do list.

“We make our clients’ lives easier by handling the process, start to finish, for them,” Corey says.

Consider what that means for your company:

  • Did regulations change this year? No longer do you have to keep up with the fine print.
  • Have trouble identifying who needs a W9? Not your worry anymore! And forget about having to make multiple phone calls to each vendor to get what you need.
  • Feel burdened trying to compile 1099s while closing the books and planning for the year ahead? Triune can give you back time to focus on what really matters.

This year ditch the 1099 torment and let Triune lighten the load. “We make it so that our clients have nearly zero involvement in the process,” Corey remarks.

Focusing On
Your Books,
So You Can Focus
On Your Business.