Beauty In Business

I am very intrigued by beauty and it’s role in business. Surrounding myself with beauty becomes more important every day. This is such a contradiction from the crazy drive for profit and productivity in our culture. However, there is so much beauty all around us.

There is the obvious. I am writing while looking at a gorgeous budding tree. Spring is so amazing with new life. Beauty for today is in the small restaurant where I just purchased amazing burnt ends.

The culture and people are truly magnificent. I am listening to a story where an artist is describing her life and hardship of supporting a partner in the hospital. The album cover released shortly after this time shows them skinny and beat up from the experience. What a beautiful picture to imagine.

People are really what makes life beautiful. This is where I am so thankful for the beauty around me everyday. My family is of course beautiful especially because of its diversity. The clients we get to serve every day bring such complexity in beauty to our world. We are so blessed that the clients we have served, particularly the ones that stay, understand and appreciate this beauty in relationship. The relationship is not in perfection or profit. But it is in growing, challenging and helping each other to be better every day.

Space is an important element of beauty. I spent time saying it was okay for me to work anywhere. Thus, it didn’t matter if my office was on the roof or in the broom closet. I have come to realize that space does matter. We are significantly more likely to thrive in a beautiful space. Beauty has intrinsic value that just can’t and should not be measured. I am very hesitant to put myself in a position where I am not surrounded by beauty.

So here is my challenge to you, the small business owner. Don’t just focus on the bottom line. Pay attention how you can surround yourself with beauty every day and acknowledge to it. With beauty in vision the bottom line will follow and flourish.

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