Choosing Xero

This was an interesting week. I met with a prospect who was using a so-called “bookkeeper”. In this case the company was using QBO which allows you to use journal entry in cash accounts. This was a small business and had a gross amount of journal entries. The so-called “bookkeeper” was clearly using journal entries inappropriately. Thus, asks the question of who is really a bookkeeper? Can anyone who knows how to enter transactions into QuickBooks be considered a bookkeeper? Is the professional bookkeeper designation of any value? As a small business is proper bookkeeping and fraud protection of value to you?

This is one of the reasons I love Xero versus QuickBooks. First, we can’t even create a journal entry to a cash account. Second, Xero gives large red warnings when posting a journal entry to let you know that not everyone should be using this feature. Journal entries can be very dangerous and should be used sparingly.

At Triune Financial we take our responsibility as the bookkeeper very seriously.

  1. Fraud is real and we work to ensure we could never be accused of fraud.
  2. Transparency and traceability is critical. How can another user decipher our work 1 month, 1 year and 5 years down the path.
  3. Communicating the financial position is critical. We implement snapshots to ensure our clients know where they are and can communicate back to us.
  4. BookkeeperX means not only using technology to be efficient to allow more focus on value added but using technology to increase transparency and traceability with the goal of ensuring a fraud free environment.

Focusing On
Your Books,
So You Can Focus
On Your Business.