Frequently Asked Questions on Outsourced Accounting and Bookkeeping

Q:  Why outsource your accounting needs?

A: Complete all your accounting needs at a fraction of the cost of employing a controller/accountant/bookkeeper. Cloud storage, virtualization and other technology options have made it possible for all companies to take advantage of outsourced accounting/bookkeeping services.

Q: Will I lose control if the books are done by an outsourced service provider?

A: No, you gain more control over your accounts and have all your books in order, which helps you plan and allocate funds as required. All invoices and payments are approved only by you.

Q: Is an outsourced accounting service the same as a tax accountant service?

A: No. An outsourced accounting service will help you maintain all your accounting data accurately. This data can be sent to your tax accountant for tax related processes as and when required.

Q: Why should I outsource if myself or employees are able to manage the workload?

A: If you are happy with your employee performance, quality and work ethics then you should stick to your onsite staff. But, if you have only one employee managing all your accounting tasks and your business has grown to a point where you need another set of eyes, that is when you should consider us. Also if you have multiple employees in your accounting team and you want to lower costs then you should strongly consider us.

Q: What are the security practices in place?

A: We have taken many measures to ensure data security, network security and workstation security.

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