I Don’t Know

Today I was listening to a piece on Michigan Public Radio’s series More Perfect. The story highlighted Supreme Court Justice Whitaker. I am struck by the how incredibly difficult it can be to be a leader. We so often find it so easy to take aim at the leaders as if we “know”. Justice Whitaker appears to have taken his job so seriously as to put him in the hospital from a mental breakdown. A landmark case which still impacts us today was just too much weight to bear. I start thinking a lot about the stress of being a leader and what that means. How a leader impacts real lives. Justice Whitaker certainly understood the impact of his decisions and took this very seriously.

Since before our country was founded and well into the uncertain future of humanity, humans living together is messy. I guess maybe God’s gift of the tower of Babel still giving. I was given a beautiful phrase today from a dear friend. He indicated that organizations can often fall into the pathology of dysfunction. Wow what an expressive phrase and so accurate. It appears to me that before our country was founded, when Justice Whitaker was contemplating over this overwhelming case and in our lives today we are trying to make neat what is inherently messy.

So what does this mean as a leader? Another point subtly noted on Justice Whitaker was his ability to say “I Don’t Know”. It appears at the start of his appointment and at the end many cases where delayed as he simply did not know. We our continually pushed to have an answer. We are admired for quick wit and having all the answers. But if I have learned anything from my short time as a follower of Jesus it’s that most of the time on most subjects I don’t know. Rather, I think Jesus has been telling me all along not to worry about what I know but just to serve. Thus, love my neighbor. I pray this is how I lead in all my environments. Further, I pray that at Triune Financial we are not doing accounting but serving as we follow Jesus.

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