Team Member Spotlight: Corey Swiftney, Lead Guide

“We understand small business better than anyone in the market and are better positioned to help them,” proclaims Corey Swiftney, Lead Guide at Triune Financial.

Upon graduating with Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an Emphasis in Marketing, Corey spent 10 years in the commercial banking industry where he specialized in small business analysis. “Commercial banking helped me to become a problem solver,” he says.

From there he took a job at a foundry, where he learned his craft and discovered a passion for manufacturing. When that job ended and Corey found himself doing contract work, he began laying the groundwork for Triune Financial.

“I saw a need for someone to help small businesses,” he says. “Not only with the books – because, let’s face it, most small businesses can’t afford to hire a full-time bookkeeper – but also as a trusted business adviser. There was a time when bankers, CPAs and attorneys did this,” he continues. “Today bankers are marketers, CPAs specialize in giving tax advice, and attorneys are only good for reading contracts.”
The need Corey saw was “for someone who lived their (the client’s) business day to day. Call him or her the Bookkeeper X, if you will.”

In this advisory role, Triune helps with everything from technology integrations to business strategies. “It’s a partnership between us and our client that feels more like family than business.”

Corey believes Triune’s fixed rate (as opposed to the billable hour) fosters a deeper relationship and more nimble responsiveness. “We’re able to provide significantly better advice because they feel free to call us in the moment instead of after they’ve made a costly decision.”

To Corey and his team, Triune exists ‘to help empower clients to reach their highest potential through passion, trust, and partnership.’ That’s our guiding vision, which is founded in my and (wife) Kate’s Christian faith and beliefs. God’s call is for us to be in relationship with people, and we want all our relationships to flourish.”

At times this can pose a challenge between maintaining a healthy balance between vocation and family life. (Corey and Kate have four children: Breckin, 13, Kenzie, 9, and Declan, 4 and Tilahun, 5). “I have a crazy passion for my clients’ businesses, because I genuinely love them,” Corey explains. But Kate, who works two days a week at the office, is the moderating force that keeps it all in balance, he says.

When asked about his ultimate goal for his company, Corey doesn’t hesitate: “To be the No. 1 bookkeeping company in West Michigan. When people think of bookkeeping, I want them to think of Triune first.”

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