Why Xero over QuickBooks Online

Why should your small business consider Xero instead of QuickBooks Online? QuickBooks by Intuit is the 300 lb gorilla in the market. QuickBooks has been the name in bookkeeping software for decades, as least in the US. However, Xero has been a dominant force abroad particularly in New Zealand and Australia. I am huge fan of Xero for small business accounting and here are 5 reasons why.

  1. Not all things to all people. Xero focuses on being great accounting software.
  2. Streamlined user interface. Xero markets as Beautiful Accounting Software. That is so true. The user experience is significantly more enjoyable that QuickBooks.
  3. The fast reconciliation. The way Xero works with bank feeds makes the reconciliation process much smoother and quicker. Great bookkeeping revolves around the reconciliation and Xero just does this better.
  4. It as has an open API and currently works with more than 600 apps. This is vital. Small businesses should not be run by the accounting software. Rather, Xero allows small businesses to find the platform that works best to help them run their business.
  5. Xero understands the importance of working with an advisor. Small business owners are great at what they do. However, they are not always great bookkeepers. That is okay, understanding strengths and weaknesses is a key to long term success. 90% of Xero users work with an advisor.

Focusing On
Your Books,
So You Can Focus
On Your Business.